Navalu Shipyard: The expertise in Aluminium custom-built boats



Navalu is the shipyard specialized in designing and building custom-made aluminium ships up to 35 meters. The company is recognized for the quality of construction and the long-lasting welding quality.


Based in Bouin (Vendée - France) just nearby "Le Bec" harbour, we offer a wide range of vessels for every field of activity (oysters and mussels farms, harbour and maritime services, passengers, diving school).



“We don’t ask our clients to adapt their requirements to our boats. We design and build ships our clients need”



We build your vessel in accordance with your specifications while ensuring quality and competitive prices. Concerned about the success and quality of your vessel, our team will follow you up through your project.

This is the guarantee of a ship matching your needs.





Design and shipbuilding : The maritime rules



We build our vessels in accordance with the applicable government regulations and classification society rules.


Our shipyard is specialized in aluminum shipbuilding, for the strength and lightness of the material, and above all because it is a low-maintenance, sustainable and recyclable product.

For over 30 years, of experience and know-how, the shipyard has won over professional users in shellfish farming (oysters, mussels), offshore services, passengers companies.




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