Aluminium wheel barges


Wheeled aluminium barges equiped for mussel and oyster farming upon your needs



This ship is designed and built to fulfil your needs to be fully adapted to your activity and to respect authority regulations. The conception enables a wide deck for the crew to work easily and safely. Stable and robust, this boat is unsinkable with 8 to 10 watertight tanks and can sail longer with the shallow draft.

The hydraulic wheels are retractable and the tongue is removable. This system is simple, safe and quick on the launching ramp.

You can control the system either on the tractor and on the boat thanks to the autonomous hydraulic unit.

Approved and proven, this system has built the reputation of NAVALU shipyard.



General specifications (to be determined according to your needs)


Hull and superstructure Aluminium AG 4 5083 et 5086


Equipement options :

  • Autonomous hydraulic unit
  • Hydraulic crane
  • Retractable hydraulic wheels

            Control on tractor or on barge pannel.

            Wheel dimensions based on draft and client's need.

  • Hydraulique washing pump
  • Fuel tank ( 60l ou 90l)
  • Hydraulic kickstand
  • Integrated hydraulic oil tank (150 l à 200 l)
  • Simple or double engine support
  • Additional engine support