NAVALU, vessel aluminium constructions



About us


At its creation, the company “Ets Garreau” was a marine forge specialized in oyster and mussel farming equipments; most of its activities were dedicated to machine buildings and construction of workboats.


In 2002, M. Bernard Minguet bought the company under the name of MPH Construction with the main activities in shipbuilding thanks to staff recruitments and the creation of an internal technical studies office. This new organization allows the company to meet the increasing requirements from his customers in workboat designs and constructions longer than 12 meters.


In 2007, to face his success, a new facility and high quality production tools were invested to allow the company to design and to build vessels to 25 meters length.

End 2008: MPH Construction became NAVALU (merger of” Naval” and “Aluminum”, main specialty of the company and its shipbuildings). 


  • 1000 square meters of shop space
  • 200 square meters of office space
  • Current production rate : 2 boats per month


October 2012: New facility expansion

  • 850 square meter of additional space to build two 35 metre x 9 metre vessels side by side
  • 85 square meter of additional office space, including expanded engineering capacity


Navalu is recognised for its great knowledge of professional vessel with a varied range of models:

  • lasse (ou plate),
  • Traditional barge, barge with hydraulic lifting wheels
  • Amphibian boats
  • Seafood, Oysters, mussels and abalone barges
  • Fishing boats
  • dredge barges
  • Passengers ships
  • Offshore support vessels
  • Survey and diving 
  • Rescue boats
  • Crew transfer vessels (CTV)
  • Cargo vessels
  • Oil spill and marine litter recovery vessels 
  •  Support vessels
  • Catamaran over 12m.


In 2012, Navalu is the first French design and shipbuilding company to be awarded to develop 24 meters classified offshore wind service catamarans in aluminium hull.


The success of the company is due to its expertise and innovative vessels which it built according to customer demand.



“We don’t ask our clients to adapt their needs to our boats. We design and build boats that our clients need”



Values and Commitments


NAVALU build high quality, functional, solidity boats at competitive prices.


In order to ensure the quality of our vessel, we are committed to build boats according to a bill of technical specification that meets your needs, in various classifications and regulations.


Moreover NAVALU uses to deal with relation with maritime agency for your project. (Customs, CSN/French Maritimes Affaires, MCA, BV, DNV, GL etc...).



Our Building


Our new building set up in Le Port Du Bec, Bouin in France, offers colours in harmony, natural lighting, parking with disabled access, easy access for deliveries and outputs and a closed enclosure.



Our Equipment


The surface area of the workshop 2 x 1 000m² permits several buildings simultaneously up to 35 m length. Glazed with a maximum brightness on the top part, punched and insulated cladding for noise improves working conditions of staff.


We have two overhead cranes with remote control of 5 tonnes, a 4.5 tonnes forklift truck and an electric cherry picker.

Pulsed welders of new generation are on gallows.


The preparation workshop is constituted of a shear, a press brake, a rolling device, a bending roller, a linear saw with indicators, pillar drill presses, turning machine, electric threading machine, an electric bender, and others.

We also have a tractor and several trailers and two hold to launch vessels, a docking location, and loads of tests for stability tests and navigation.