Long-line culture work-boat


Aluminium barges for longline farming duties upon request (mussels, oysters, seeweeds)



This ship is designed and built to fulfil your needs to be fully adapted to your activity. The conception enables a wide deck for the crew to work easily and safely. For long-line tasks (mussels, oysters, seaweeds), the barge is equiped with davits and hydraulic starwheel. Stable and robust, this boat is unsinkable with 8 to 10 watertight tanks.


General specifications (to be determined according to your needs)


Hull and superstructure Aluminium AG 4 5083 et 5086

LOA 5.5 to 12 meters
BOA 2.2 to 5.5 meters
Draft 0.55 to 1.00 meters

Propulsion 1 x outboard engine 250HP (184KW) maximum or 2 x 150HP (2 x 110Kw)
Diesel hydraulic unit
Crane tonage according hull structure

Hydraulic davits with single or twin winches


Crew: 12 pax
Cargo: 15 tons

Barges are the core business of Navalu shipyard. Structures are BV certified and the boats can be used for oyster farming, fishing and cargo. They're custom-made to perfectly suit your needs.


Key advantages:
- Shallow draft
- High cargo capacity
- Good stability
- Easy use and maintenance
- 30 years of experience in oyster work boat building


Navalu Chaland Aluminium pour filières 11,99m x 5,50m   Navalu Chaland Aluminium pour filières 11,99m x 5,50m