Mussel / Oyster farm small workboat


Aluminium farming workboats built with the configuration you need





General specifications (to be determined according to your needs)


Hull and superstructure Aluminium AG 4 5083 et 5086


This custom made unit respects security rules and local authority standards.


LOA: 6 to 9 meters
BOA: 1.8 to 2.2 meters
Draft 0.70 to 0.8 meters

Dimensions are subject to customer request


The flat bottomed hull allows a safe sailing which displace a few water and gives the possibility of easy and safe beachings.

The robust building and the double bottomed hull give the opportunity to load 750kg to 2T of cargo.



Standard version :

  • 1 mooring compartment in the bow
  • 1 stern compartment (battery et security equipment)
  • 1 outboard engine with a manual winch
  • 3 bollards (1 at the bow and 2 at stern)
  • 2 protective anodes

Options :

  • Engine operating console
  • Auxiliary engine support


This boat can be used for professionnal or recreationnal purpose.