Offshore Catamaran and Monohull Range


Thanks to its know how in aluminim shipbuilding, NAVALU is able to meet every type of needs.


NxS19  19x8m


 NxS19   19x8m

       12 pax

Nxs24   24x10m


 NxS24   24x10m

        12 pax

 NxS24sw  24x10m


 NxS24sw   24x10m

        12 pax



 NxS28   28x10m  

 NxS28   28x10m

       12 pax

 NxS28p   28x10m


 NxS28p   28x10m

       36 pax

 NxS33   33x10m


NxS33   33x10m

       12 pax

NxM33   33x10m


NxM33   33x10m

       12 pax