Our services




Tender specifications


We write with you the tender specifications for the construction of your vessel (features, motorization, etc…) according to applicable regulation and following the use of the vessel and its sailing location.


We deal with relation with maritime agency for your files (Ex: customs, BV, etc...) and control office.




Design office ( naval architect ) ensures :

  • Calculating of aluminium structure according to the regulation of classification societies

  • Calculating of stability of vessel and floating structures

  • Hydrodynamics calculating

  • Analysis of performance





After-sales service 


Guaranty of aluminium (one year) and installed equipment is issued by NAVALU and its supplying partners.



Repairs and modifications


In case of needs to change or repair the vessel (shells), we move to our customers with a workshop vehicle or the ship is repatriate to our shipyard.


Concerning assembly, mechanics, electricity, paint, hydraulic, NAVALU and subcontracting partners intervention will be planned according to your request.