Shellfish & Aquaculture vessels



Oyster work boats

Aluminium vessels designed and

built by Navalu Shipyard. Make

easier access to oyster parks according

to tides thanks to her shallow draft.

A wide deck enables easier

oyster bags' handling.


Mussel barges 

Aluminium boats developped and produced by Navalu Shipyard. Provide an easier access to mussel parks according to tide thanks to her shallow draft. A wide deck enables large loading capacity for mussels.


Long-line culture work-boat

Aluminium vessels designed and

built by Navalu Shipyard.

Flat bottomed or shaped hull for

optimized work in mussel and oyster



Fish farming

Aluminium boats designed and build by NAVALU to satisfy all your professionnal needs in fish farming



Over 12 meters Vessels

Aluminium ships designed and made to measure by Navalu according to users' requirements (oysterfarming, mussel farming, fisheries, maritime services...).


Mussel / Oyster farm workboat

Aluminium ship designed and built by Navalu Shipyard. Narrower than a barges and built with



Aluminium wheel barges

Flat bottomed boat designed and built by Navalu.

Equiped with hydraulic rising system for the wheels,

to make easier launching.



Barges with hydraulic kickstand

Aluminium boat developped and produced by Navalu.

Fitted with hydraulique kickstand to make vessel's stabilization

easier while harvesting mussels


Floating breeding pond

Aluminium structure developped and built by Navalu enabling sea storage of mussels and other shellfish.


Floating Trailers

Aluminiul floating trailers designed and produced by Navalu shipyard. Midway between a barge and a trailer it can't be considered as a craft.


Launching Trailers

Aluminium trailers designed and made by Navalu enabling haulage of all types of boat (barges, workboat, leisure boat).


Flat Trailers

Aluminium trailers developped and produced by Navalu for mussel boxes, oysters bags, pallets...